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Psychological studies reveal that most people use only a small portion of their true talent and abilities. Objective of Growth is to motivate people to explore & use more of their potentials to achieve their dreams .

By this program “Growth” helps participant realize their hidden potential and channelizes it for constructive usage-both for personal excellence and achieving organizational Goals.

Confident individual sets out for a new beginning being motivated to perform better and to scale higher in life. Most of the youths that are trained here have set up their on Business of Mobile Repairing, Computer Hardware, Beauty-Parlor, Embroidery, Garment Making etc. Also many students are placed in Different -2 professional sectors like : Retail, Sales, IT, BPO, Nursing, Hospitality etc..

The “Growth” process focuses on students to set and achieve goals, (both personal & organizational) become self–motivated and develop positive mental attitude.