Employment & Entrepreneur Oriented Programs

Employment & Entrepreneur Oriented Programs

Objective :  In this program  we are working towards Integrated Slum

                     Development promotes  

                     Livelihood training for                                                                          

                     Employment and                 

                     Entrepreneurship targeted at    

                     youth and women from

                     economically weaker sections


Impact      :  Enables them gain access to    

                     opportunities for sustainable   

                     livelihoods and growth have  

                     got better placements in Malls, Call Centers, Hospitals, IT Sectors,  

                     Sales and  Business Houses.


Evaluation: We had trained around more than 2500 students in different -2   

                       Professional sectors and placed around more than 800 students  

                       In to the corporate sectors and also arranged to set a business for

                       more than 450 students to become an Entrepreneur.


                 Approach: Different levels of training that can offer better livelihood.


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