English Speaking

Turn your love of cricket in to success with English ! learn English online with help of this course brought to you by the British Council and Kris Srikanth.

English strokes is designed to let you have lots of fun and learn along the way full stop you will find a variety of listening activity, video content, games, conversation, cricketing facts, fun task and language exercise. You can also listen to anecdotes from some of your favourite cricket players, learn more about their profile and watch them in action!

Available at sea level of difficulty, English stroke will help you to:

*Learn useful vocabulary
*Improve your grammar *improve your spoken English
*Develop your listening skills
*developed your pronunciation of English
*develop your confidence, accuracy, fluency and communicative ability.

English Strokes will help you with all your English skills. you will have a learning experience built around interesting animation, and you will have a chance to actively use and improve your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

You will learn English through reality dialogues between a group of friends who are United by the love of cricket.

You will be able to follow the characters through three level of difficulty , and you will be supported by Kris Srikkanth All The Way. This online course gives you the confidence and skills you need to communicate effectively in English and will help you achieve your goals and dreams!

Following Online courses Fee of 4 Level is Rs.3275 on englishstroke.com

GROWTH NGO will provide you in only at Rs. 50 .

1. Basic learning practice
2. Beginner
3. Intermediate
4. Advanced

Video: https://youtu.be/jXPDGzb5Gas