Birds Freedom


                    " BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT "

We often give a lot of materialistic gifts to our loved ones on their birthday, and wish they would get great pleasure by receiving those gifts but Materialistic gifts can give you temporary happiness. The gift is that which brings inner long term happiness, To identify with the person's true religion which is humanity, which is so unique that no one has ever given it to anybody. Then, It can not be any other gift than anyone's freedom.

Just think, when you liberate these weird birds from your hands on your birthday, they will get the greatest happiness in life, They will bless you as long as they live. Do you know what is the ultimate goal of human beings? “STAY HAPPY” And what is the Law of Reversal Effect? ​​“Whatever you give to nature, nature returns 10 times to you”. Do you know what you have achieved from nature by liberating these birds? Yes friends, you got the happiness of life for yourself, Which is the ultimate Goal of everyone’s life. Now you tell me that you want to give temporary happiness by giving materialistic gifts to your loved ones, or you want to give them happiness forever by liberating these birds. Choice is Yours !!!

"GROWTH NGO" has started the project called "Birds Freedom" under which we will celebrate the birthday of one person every month for Free, in which he/she will liberate these birds from their hands. For that, he/she will have to call us and tell 10 days before birthday. After celebrating 1 person's birthdays for free, if someone wants to celebrate the birthday of their loved ones in the same month, then they have to give some money to the institution as a donation to arrange the event. After celebrating your birthday we will upload photos and videos of your "Birds Freedom" event to our website and social media. So that people get the awareness of doing this noble work.

Friends, Increase the enthusiasm of our Organization "GROWTH NGO" by supporting us for this noble work so that in today's era, People get Aware to do such kind a noble work for the others.

We are not against giving gifts. You must definitely give gifts to your loved ones, but also take care of these innocent birds. life is that which live and reside for others, only selfish can live in their own way. Don’t be so selfish to live your entire life for yourself. Help others, heal others. Live for the benefits of others. And contribute your role in making this world a beautiful place for living.